Oven baked Chicken breast - £10.00

With our homemade creamy mash topped with cabbage, pancetta and red wine jus

10oz rump steak, - £15.00

Cooked to your liking, served with triple dipped chips, onion rings
and grilled tomato. £ 15
Why not add a sauce for an extra £2

Our very own Rivet catcher battered cod - £12.00

Served with mushy peas, triple dipped chips & homemade tartare sauce.

Chicken and chorizo hash bowl - £10.00

Served with fried hens egg.

Wild Sea bass - £10.00

Served on a mixed leaf and pomegranate salad.

The Famous Robin Lasagne - £9.00

Topped with ciabatta cheesy garlic bread.

Wholetail Whitby Scampi - £10.00

Served with our triple dipped chips and mushy peas.

Locally sourced Sausage & creamy mash - £8.00

Topped with a red onion gravy.

Chuck steak burger - £12.00

Served with crispy bacon, Jack cheese served in a toasted brioche with lettuce mustard, tomato, mayo and our homemade chips.

Oven baked chicken breast - £10

wrapped in Smokey bacon topped with mozzarella slices and a Napoli sauce.

Garlic king prawns - £13

Served with jasmine rice.

10oz Horse shoe gammon - £12

served with our triple dipped chips and a fried egg.

The Robin belly buster mixed grill - £24

5oz rump steak, 5oz chicken breast, 5oz gammon, sausage, black pudding, chips, fried egg and mushrooms.

Our Rivet catcher steak and ale pie - £10

served with either creamy mash or triple dipped. chips.

Lamb kofta wraps - £8

served with fresh rocket salad, talsiki sauce and our homemade chips.


Peppercorn sauce £2 Diane Sauce £2 Blue Cheese Sauce £2